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Popular Tips to Troubleshoot the Outlook Problems

Outlook is currently become the most favorable email service and it is brilliantly works according to the needs of the users. It works like a champ as you can perform your mailing activities in an easy manner without having any trouble. But every good thing may leads to some danger, there are also some problem may arises in your email account by which you face trouble of not using your account smoothly. Whenever the issue exists or you are not aware of it, then you may need to observe the troubleshooting measures to fix the issues. Hotmail support helpline number UK provides optimum tips to troubleshoot the Outlook problems.




Tips to troubleshoot the Outlook Problems are as follows:

  • Scan the PST files: The PST files will develop the errors and they can prevent the Outlook from working properly. You may need to scan the PST files used in the Outlook and it may resolve the problem and you can use the account fault free.
  • Archive: You can archive the data and files as this will reduce the space and you can use your account continuously. This will likewise recoil the PST and reduce issues related with a too expansive PST. After this, run the PST.
  • Rename the OST: If you misuse a secretly put away data report, from time to time renaming their current OST record is so enough to decide the a great deal of issues.
  • Erase and Rebuild the Profile: When all else flops, at that point you may erase the viewpoint profile.When all else fails, then you may delete the outlook profile. To do this, you may open the Control Panel; Go to the Mail and Profiles and then delete the profile.
  • Disable the Add-ons: The more add-ons connected to the Outlook the slower it becomes. If your account is running slowly, then you may disable the add-ons to fix the issues.​
  • Disable the Virusscan: This can slow down the Outlook to a Crawl, if you are unsure where an Outlook issue is arises, then you may need to temporarily disable the antivirus Outlook connection to see whether the problem resolves or not.
  • Run in Safety Mode: Running your Outlook in a safe mode is a brilliant way to troubleshoot the problems.
  • Migrate the PSTs from the Server: You will have unusually large PST files stored on a shared drive on a server. If you have large number of PST files then there are the chances of bog down of Outlook. You may need to move them to the c Drive of the local machine to improve the performance.
  • Adjust the permissions of Calendar: You may need to change the calendar permissions. For this, open the calendar in your Outlook, now right click on the shared calendar, then click on Properties and go to the Permissions tab. Here you can add the users to the calendar and give them particular permissions that will allow the users to do anything from reading and other thing of calendar.

All these troubleshooting tips resolve your all problem. If you have any doubt then you can contact to the Hotmail Phone Number UK 0800 098 8424 to get the reliable help and support by the experts.


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